RMRP - RAKE Mobile Residency Program

25.09.2014: The RMRP is eliminated due to the unfortunate fact that the Renault gave up for the fifteenth time and wouldn't move at all. The short version of the story is that it didn't make sense to use any more money on the car, so we let it move on to the near by car graveyard.

The first application process is over and we are happy to announce that there will be two residencies during 2013.

In August
Ellen Henriette Suhrke and Johanne Birkeland

(PRESS for information about Hellebou's residency.)

In October (Due to the cars unexpected breakdown the residency will be postponed until the car is (hopefully) recovered.)
As it turned out, the car has nine lifes;
Ellen Sofie Griegel
(PRESS for information about Griegel's residency.)

The residency program for 2013 are to be seen as a trial.
If we find it successful and the car still functions, there will be announced a new call for applications in the beginning of 2015.

Application information.

We are launching a new residency program for artist, architects, curators and writers. The project is based around an old Renault Trafic, with four cylinders and seventy-five horsepowers. In an earlier collaborative project we worked together to transform the van into a mobile home, or a dwelling if you like. As it is left unused at the moment, this car is seen as a leftover product. Following in the spirit of reuse, which RAKE is built upon, we have decided to donate the car to a residency program.

In it's former life the Renault was used to transport old people around town. Recently it was a central part of a project touring europe, were we ended up driving to Portugal and back.

The car is an 1992 Renault Trafic, with extra high sealing (See pictures). It runs on diesel and the engine has done around 160 000km, which is quite good for a 1992. Recently we totally overhauled the gearbox, so everything should be working ok. The project is supported by the local mechanics school in Trondheim, so hopefully they will do a total check before any residents starts their journey. Anyhow you should remember it is an old car, and unexpected things will definitely happen.

In the living area of the car there is place to sleep, a small cooker (gas), a bookshelf and lots of storage. In the front there is room for the driver and two passengers. The bookshelf is part of the CCBC (Collaborative Curating of a Bookshelf in a Car), and will be filled with treasures/inspiration/horror.

Submit your application to:

rake.visningsrom(at)gmail.com within the 10 of June.

The application should include:
- A short description of the project
- The envisioned travel route
- A presentation and CV
- Contact details

We can offer:
- A 1992 Renault Trafic with extra high sealing, at your disposal and ready for use
- One full tank of gas
- 2000 NOK as a project budget

- A valid drivers license, or you can bring your own driver
- Pick-up and delivery of the car at Svartlamon in Trondheim
- You will produce some kind of documentation suitable for your project.