The World Is Still Beautiful.
David Grandorge (UK)
23. March - 7. April


photo: David Grandorge

David Grandorge has pursued photography since 1996. Over time, he has developed a body of work that is characterised by visual austerity and laconic expression. He is concerned with pictorial and compositional precision, but welcomes the intrusion of the imperfect, through the depiction of latent occupancy and the exploitation of technical mishaps.

The spaces, objects, cityscapes and landscapes represented in this exhibition, were photographed between 2000 and 2012. Most of the subjects were not sought out, but chanced upon. The photographs are intended to be autonomous, though a notional seriality has emerged. They are studiously conservative in their use of pictorial space, seeking to be both unremarkable and memorable. Many of the pictures emphasise entropy and the fragility of the human condition. If they fail to offer hope, they might, at least, offer visual solace.

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