"Casual Maneuver. A Step Away From It"
"Two Easygoing Men with a Casual Approach to Life"
Jon Benjamin Tallerås(NO) and Ruben Steinum(NO)
04. February


Two Easygoing Men with a Casual Approach to Life is a video work where two men are climbing a fence. The fence is blocking a former pedestrian path, and the two men is following the paths intended for the specific site. A functionless staircase and a gap between two bushes provides the instruction on how to walk through the city.

"Casual Maneuver. A Step Away From It" is an artist-book consisting of photographs of unannounced temporary sculptures made in Oslo, New York and Lillehammer between 2009-12. The book is designed by Yourfriends and produced by Kunsthall Oslo in collaboration with Torpedo Press.

Jon Benjamin Tallerås (b. 1984, Oslo, Norway) recently graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, but his improvised actions, informal sculpture and low-profile infiltrations belong to a tradition of urban wandering that reaches back at least as far as André Breton's photographic expeditions in 1920s Paris. Tallerås works with a variety of media such as photography, video, sculpture, performance and text. Tallerås investigates urban space, exploring hidden and often non-used areas of the city. Using found materials to create sculptures and making transient performances that claim the accidental gaps and spaces formed on the margins of functional architecture. Parallel with his artistic practice Tallerås is one of the initiators and curators of the project space One Night Only Gallery.

Ruben Steinum (b. 1984 in Oslo, Norway) graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2011, and is currently the chairman of the Board at UKS.