Karianne Stensland (NO)
01 - 10 March.


photo: Jens Bjørnstad

Era of Greatness

An exhibition about prosperity and hypnosis.
On Friday the 1st of March, the artist Karianne Stensland will allow herself to be hypnotized in order to make an extraordinary work of art. With impeccable determination, the artist will employ marble from Fauske and Italy, and soapstone from Måselv in her process of creation.

The hypnosis is an attempt to take art one step further. One step closer to a hidden state. Surrendered to something which might surface from the deepest depths. Below it all lies the numbness. The satiety. The hunger. The rocking of the world.

«I tell the hypnotist that I am afraid. Afraid that I am blocked and insensitive to the upcoming hypnosis, and that I will not be able to perform magnificent art. Or that the hypnosis releases everything, and a singular piece of art sees the light of day. I hope that last alternative will come to pass.»

Karianne Stensland got her MFA from the Art Academy in Trondheim in 2005. She studied for one year at the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, Russia. Stensland was one of the driving forces behind Marienborg Project-room, 2005-10. Between 2002-2007 Stensland was active in the Scandinavian art-group High Heel Sisters. The driving force of her art, is the investigation and rephrasing of power, gender and hierarchy.

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