Light: ebb and flow
Kjetil Austvoll-Dahlgren (N) and Ricardo del Pozo (N)
14. December - 12. January


The exhibition ended with a live performance/concert by the two artist and colleague Joakim Blattmann Moldestad

Both Austvoll-Dahlgren and Pozo are concerned with art as an abstract language, and a physical experience. They always work with realtime issues, and investigate the perception of time, light and sound, and how these forces influence each other.

RAKE is a unique showroom constructed from materials salvaged from a nearby building that was torn down. In every way imaginable, the building is a sculpture in its own right. With its see-through walls, RAKE opens up for an interesting discussion between what is inside and what is outside. Its plethora of windows opens the room up for influences form the surrounding environment’s atmospheric changes, while the windows also reflect the building’s surroundings, as seen form the outside. RAKE’s transparent character makes the building dissolve, to a certain degree, by way of its own construction. The building is perceived as delicate and vulnerable, and does not, by any means, come across as something meant to stand the test of time.

Austvoll-Dahlgren and Pozo were very intrigued by the building, and the interaction between the architecture and the surroundings. Using this as a point of departure, they set about creating a work that was both site-specific and modular.

The finished work, Light: Ebb and flow, is a dialogue between architecture, its surroundings, and sound and light. It explores the relation between humans and their surroundings, and how we are in a constant dialogue. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Consciously or unconsciously.

The exhibition ended with a live performance/concert by the two artists and their colleague, Joakim Blattmann Moldestad.