Cassia Co-op Training Centre
TYIN tegnestue (NO)

11. - 27. November


photo: Pasi Aalto

Cassia Co-op Training Centre

Cassia Co-op Training Centre is an administration building and exhibition centre, with classrooms, for a cinnamon producer (Cassia Co-op); a cinnamon producer which has a social agenda greater than one often finds in the spice-business. The vision of Cassia Co-op is to be a bridge between cinnamon farmers and consumers.

TYIN was invited by the founder of Cassia Co-op, Patrick Berthelemy, to design and build his vision - a small cinnamon factory where the company’s social agenda could be manifested. In August 2011, after about a year of planning, the TYIN-team found themselves in the Jambi province on Sumatra, where roughly 85% of the cinnamon consumed in the world, is cultivated.

For this project, the TYIN-team consisted of eleven architects and architecture students. The Cassia Co-op Training Centre (500m2) was designed and built, with help from the local inhabitants, during the course of seven weeks. The building and the surrounding area is to be used for the education of farmers and other locals in sustainable agriculture, and to give them an understanding of how the cinnamon industry operates outside the Kerinci area.

Through texts, drawings, photography, video and a model, the exhibition at RAKE shows the process through which Cassia Co-op Training Centre came to be.

TYIN Drawingroom Architects was established in 2008, and is today run by architects Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad. The firm has conducted projects in countries such as Thailand, Burma, Haiti, Uganda and Norway, and has won a range of international awards.

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