Hyperdimensional Variations III
25 May - 10 June

Hyperdimensional Variations III is a site-specific installation that aims to humble the theoretical and elevate the mundane, creating speculative portals into the higher dimensional spaces that exist all around us, yet float just beyond our ability to perceive.

Suspended rope and tarpaulin forms stretch throughout the gallery, twisted, knotted, and enfolded. They trace hyper-spatial geometries and resemble topological entities such as manifolds, which are thought to make up the structure of space-time. Burnt wood carbon wall drawings, memory foam sculptures, and found object assemblages explore different modes of functionality, generating interference in the rational and "real". Crystals grow past the edges of things.

Much like the dizzying hyperspace we reside in, we are completely immersed in radio noise. Both are imperceptible unless tuned to and received. Radio was discovered, not invented. It is a complex energetic field that extends through the universe, which we have learned to surf our own signals upon. An amateur radio station will be active in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, with antenna sculptures receiving encoded signals and cosmic interference. Special transmission events will take place to communicate with other operators in our own space-time continuum and possibly beyond.

ERIN SEXTON is a Canadian artist whose works could be described as ritualistic science fiction experiments. They accelerate toward speculative futures where alternate modes of perception might somehow liberate us. In her sculptures and installations she tries to blur the boundaries between abstract models and everyday objects, searching for playful potential within paradox. Global warming and existential threat are undercurrents in her work, explored through expanded notions of time and materiality. As a licensed amateur radio operator (LB9OH/VE2SXN), transmission and collaboration are central to her practice. She is currently based in Bergen.