Putte ord i munnen.
Ingrid Eggen and Stine Wexelsen Goksøyr (NO)
31 January - 09 February


Svette – sveve.

Innbundet, knebla: Snubla.

Hold – slipp. Tung – lett.

Pust. Holdt – sluppet. Løs:

Svetta - svevd

Ti – tal!

-Aina Villanger


A person who continuously trips herself demands body control. In the video work Folde t, Eggen investigates the imbalance between the body in control and its unconscious reflexes.

To challenge the notion that the flower is an object of beauty and esthetics. In the flower motives “RestrictedFlora”, the natural growth is restricted and altered through physical intervention.

There are many ways to open a door. In the film and in the sound work Closeup #1 and Closeup #2, Goksøyr investigates how we register and perceive our surroundings, specifically how details influence the perception of surroundings, each other and language. Different movements illustrate shifts in mood and emotions. The images and sounds are elucidated by being taken out of context and arranged in a system of their own.

We automatically add the missing context. Laughter follows a scream. How is the reading influenced by aligned sounds and images placed in a sequenze.


Ingrid Eggen has a BA from the Institute for colour at KHIO in 2006. Eggen lives and works in Oslo, and her recent exhibitions include a collaborative project at One night Only gallery in Oslo (2014) and a solo show at the Holodech gallery in Oslo (2013).


Stine Wexelsen Goksøyr is educated at the Art Academy in Malmo?. She lives and works in Oslo, and her recent exhibitions include a solo show at One Night Only Gallery and participation at The Norwegian Short Film Festival.