Southern dream of a nordic summer landscape

02 July - 28 August


At RAKE this summer Mexican artist Jeronimo Hagerman, that lives and works between Barcelona and Mexico City, will bring together three different site-spesific projects under the title: «Southern dream of a nordic summer landscape». The projects was conceived in Mexico, after Hagermans first visit to Norway in the spring of 2015. One of the projects, «Landscape» will be available for exploring inside RAKE visningsrom, while the other two, «The Perceptive garden (Capturing summer for the autumn)» and «Smelling beds», will be exhibited outside the space. The outdoor projects seeks to expand and enrich the experience people have when crossing the bridge and moving around the public space outside RAKE.

Jeronimo Hagerman's work develops around the analysis of the relationship between the individual and non human nature, emphasizing on how the emotional ties between the subject and the outside world are generated. His work covers some aspects of the modern myths of civilization versus the wild, such as domestication, landscape as aesthetic value and the controversial position of human as part of nature.

Over the last years Hagerman has been researching the different variables affecting our relationship with the outside territory, the landscape and, more specifically, the garden as a domestic platform for nature. Often the work takes form as vegetation interventions in public and private spaces, where the viewer finds a space to analyze and question the differences between the human dimension and the vegetation world.


«Chapter 27


The lever plunged. The tin caps, crushed atop the filled bottles, flickered bright yellow. Grandfather handed the last bottle to Douglas.

“Second harvest of the summer. June’s on the shelf. Here’s July. Now, just-August up ahead.”

Douglas raised the bottle of warm dandelion wine but did not set it on the shelf. He saw the other numbered bottles waiting there, one like another, in no way different, all bright, all regular, all self-contained.

There’s the day I found I was alive, he thought, and why isn’t it brighter than the others?

There’s the day John Huff fell off the edge of the world, gone; why isn’t it darker than the others?

Where, where all the summer dogs leaping like dolphins in the wind-braided and unbraided tides of what? Where lightning smell of Green Machine or trolley? Did the wine remember? It did not! Or seemed not, anyway.

Somewhere, a book said once, all the talk ever talked, all the songs ever sung, still lived, had vibrated way out in space and if you could travel to Far Centauri you could hear George Washington talking in his sleep or Caesar surprised at the knife in his back. So much for sounds. What about light then? All things, once seen, they didn’t just die, that couldn’t be. It must be then that somewhere, searching the world, perhaps in the dripping multiboxed honeycombs where light was an amber sap stored by pollen-fired bees, or in the thirty thousand lenses of the noon dragonfly’s gemmed skull you might find all the colors and sights of the world in any one year. Or pour one single drop of this dandelion wine beneath a microscope and perhaps the entire world of July Fourth would firework out in Vesuvius showers. This he would have to believe.

And yet . . .looking here at this bottle which by its number signalized the day when Colonel Freeleigh had stumbled and fallen six feet into the earth, Douglas could not find so much as a gram of dark sediment, not a speck of the great flouring buffalo dust, not a flake of sulphur from the guns at Shiloh . . .»

- a small part of Ray Bradbury´s Dandelion Wine


Jeronimo Hagerman (Mexico City, 1967) lives and works in Mexico City and Barcelona.
He has exhibited in major museums in Mexico as well as in the United States, Canada, Japan, Poland, France, Spain, Singapore, Ireland and Russia.
He has also participated in many commissioned projects including: Smell Garden, a permanent installation in the Biblioteca México, Archipelago, in Matadero, Madrid, Below Level 0, in Nanyang University, Singapore, and Contemplando la Invasion, a project for the facade of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, and a solo project for El eco experimental Museum, Mexico City. Among the group exhibitions he's participated in are: Murals in the Miró Foundation, Barcelona, a facade project for the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, U.S.A and Communal Smell Bed in Wigry, Poland.