Michael Johansson
31. October - 9. November


Michael Johansson deals with ordinary objects we all recognize, but in a way far from the ordinary. Driven by the agenda to densify the world, objects are morphed into precisely stacked rectangular shapes, connected to a certain place, where their original purpose are transformed into catalysts of new meanings.

Outdated items within the same colour range are reconstructed into a homogeneous image of a fictional life reinforced by our collective imaginary: the compressed scenery from a time gone by. Or the excessively well packed storage space where each object appears to be an immutable part of a solid whole. The newfound rigid order separates the objects from their usage, and invites us to a shared space where the familiar meets the unfamiliar.

Engaging with this concept in the public space, the viewer is confronted with a situation that could both be perceived as either a very odd incident or as carefully put together. Leaving him with an uncertainty that lingers even long after passing the work.

After studies at the Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway, and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Germany, Johansson took his masters degree at Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, 2005. After that he has taken part of several residencies and exhibited frequently both within and outside of Sweden. Some of his most important exhibitions include: Malmö Art Museum (SE), Galerie Filomena Soares (PT), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (RU), Meessen de Clercq (BE), Ystads Art Museum (SE) and Vigeland-museet (NO). He currently lives and works in Malmö, Sweden and Berlin, Germany.