Jason Dunne, Marcel Vidal and David Eager Maher (IE)
04 - 13 April


MOON FARK is an exhibition by three Irish artists Jason Dunne, Marcel Vidal and David Eager Maher. It represents the second manifestation of a practice of working together to develop exhibitions by these artists, having previously contributed to the group exhibition and publication WORKHEAD in 2012.

MOON FARK was initially conceived through writing and conversations as a fictional character, a fourth persona or entity acting as an intermediary between the artists pointedly different approaches and interests. With each contributer to MOON FARK projecting their own desires onto the mysterious face of this character, and producing work according to how they perceive the being's will and command, the exhibition is necessarily a work in progress. Through this exhibition the artists aim to flesh out MOON FARK'S identity, and explore his potential as a personality, with a view to deploying MOON FARK'S vision as a force in the world.