Co-curator: Lena Søeborg
6. - 15. May

The framework of QWERTYs exhibition is a beauty salon, where the QWERTY members take care of the guests, make contact and provide inner and outer beauty. QWERTY wants to question what is beautiful, and show multiple forms it can manifest in. The art work has form of both music, sound, pills you can eat, jewelry, makeup, prints, photos and drawings. In the room you can sit down and relax and get the full treatment. The QWERTY members are in the role of beauty experts and providers.

QWERTY is a group consisting of 7 artists who have worked together for the past 10 years with different kinds of exhibitions. One of the main goals, is to meet people with art, instead of the more passive way, of just hanging stuff on the wall. They have exhibited various places, New York, St. Petersburg, London, Berlin, Stockholm, among others.

Members of the group: Anders Qvist Nielsen, Jens Andersen, Camilla Gaugler, Mikkel Larris, Indigo Richards, John Krogh og Morten Tillitz.