Where is Salmon
Yoshito Mizuuchi (JP)
14 June - 14 July


Yoshihito Mizuuchi is a japanese artist whos work orginates from experimenting with tape recorders in his elementary school days. By mixing / collaging various sounds from different sources, Mizuuchi created higly original tapes. This approach to sound can also be seen in his artistic work, where he ames to find diverse significance in everyday objects.

Where is Samlon? is an exhibition that will change during its four weeks in RAKE. With truly simple mechanics, leek will continue the work where the artist leaves it.
The leek is drawing, dancing, building and playing the lottery.

"I would like to subvert the existing and have multiple/unpredictable perspectives which may be already beyond my comprehension in many ways, and would like to generate 'a sense of a continuum- a loop' that has no end."

More information: Yoshihito Mizuuchi